B0 shimming

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B1 Shimming

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SPINS is a non-selective pulse design based on a short 3D spiral k-space trajectory. This tool allows you to produce a uniform excitation within a specified volume of interest and reduces the RF power deposition. See below for references. 1. Malik SJ1, Keihaninejad S, Hammers A, Hajnal JV. Tailored excitation in 3D with spiral nonselective […] Learn More


  MP2RAGE (Magnetization Prepared Rapid Gradient Echo) is a method for getting T1-weighted brain images without the bias (like: proton density contrast, T2* contrast, reception bias field and transmit field inhomogeneity) that usually comes from having spatially varying B1 fields that occurs at 7T. The general idea is to modify an MPRAGE scan by adding […] Learn More

Masking Tool

  This user friendly interface of this tool allows to build masks in order to select the volumeĀ of interestĀ in any part of the body. Learn More

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

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