MR Code participates as one of the industrial SMEs within the STARLIT project. STARLIT (System Technologies for Adaptive Real-time MR image-guided Therapies) will develop technologies in radiation oncology to improve the quality of life for cancer survivors by improving treatment accuracy and minimising unintended doses to healthy tissue in image-guided radiation therapy. This will be done by using magnetic resonance imaging for 4D anatomy assessment to enable on-line treatment planning, real-time 4D dose accumulation, target tracking, and plan adaptation based on concurrent imaging of anatomy and biomarkers using the MRI-Linac.

Within the STARLIT project, MR Code will focus on the development of software and hardware for a 4D reconstruction platform allowing near real-time reconstruction of (non-)Cartesian acquisition techniques.

Others partners within the consortium are Philips, Elekta, MR Coils, C-RAD, IT-V, Modus, Quantib, and the academic partners UMC Utrecht, NKI-AVL and Akademiska Sjukhuset, University Hospital Uppsala.

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